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Our Criminal Law Attorney in Starkville, MS, Will Protect Your Rights and Freedom

When you’re looking to defend yourself against criminal charges, it’s not a path that you should tread alone. You need to rely on a criminal law attorney in Starkville, MS, who will fight for your constitutional rights and freedoms. The might of the criminal justice system is weighty, and it’s best to have an experienced attorney at your side while you stand up to the power of the state.

Perhaps you are being charged with vandalism and need a stalwart defense to prevent yourself from facing penalties. Some may see acts of vandalism as a petty crime, but it’s not. It’s one that the authorities take very seriously, and so should you by hiring Roy E. Carpenter Jr. Attorney at Law. With several decades of experience in courtroom settings and negotiations, he’s fully seasoned in battling tooth and nail for his clients.

Drug crime is a fixation for law enforcement, and these charges can range from simple possession to complex cases of trafficking and importation. Regardless of what charge, felony, or misdemeanor you’re facing, you will get the help you need at our firm.

Contact the office of Roy E. Carpenter Jr. Attorney at Law today, to book a consultation so we can look at your case and determine how to proceed.