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Criminal Defense

Criminal Case Representation

Criminal Defense Attorney in Starkville, MS

Our criminal defense attorney in Starkville, MS, provides representation for all felony and misdemeanor charges. With 37 years of experience in all types of criminal cases, we ensure that you receive aggressive representation. We also have affordable rates for all major and minor charges. While there is no guarantee that your case will be dropped, we can guarantee that your rights will be protected, and you will be provided with a fair administration of justice in your case. Please note that we do not offer representation for capital murders.

When you retain us for a case, you can count on comprehensive attention to detail and a commitment to protecting your rights. No matter your situation, you deserve the best defense possible, and we leverage our extensive knowledge of criminal law to make sure you can approach your case with confidence. With our team on your side, you don’t have to be intimidated by the legal system. Facing charges is rarely easy, but we deliver the support you need to get through the process. That way, nothing comes between you and the future you deserve.

Personalized Representation

Criminal law might be crucial to laying the foundations for your case, but there’s one factor that often means more than anything written in a statute. At the heart of every hearing, argument, and piece of testimony is a real person — you. Our job is to make sure your side of the story gets a chance to shine, and that means always tailoring our service to the individuals we serve. We treat you like a partner, not a case number. That matters, because it helps prosecutors, judges, and juries do the same. When you’re ready to make the most of your defense, we’re here to help.

Defending You for a Variety of Crimes 

Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime, our criminal attorney is here to help. Our firm has experience dealing with many criminal cases. Some of the crimes we provide representation for include: 

  • Petty Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Grand Theft
  • Drug Crime

No matter what charges you are faced with, our attorney will always ensure you are receiving fair treatment from both law enforcement and the courts. Additionally, during your court proceedings, our criminal defense attorney will provide you with the complete representation you require and will always keep your best interests in mind. So when you are faced with criminal charges, trust Roy E. Carpenter Attorney at Law to administer your criminal defense. 

Building a Strong Defense 

When you choose our firm for your representation, know that our attorney will work diligently to provide the best possible defense for your case. We will go through the evidence presented by the prosecution, and we will use this information to develop your defense. Additionally, our attorney will be there with you during any interactions with law enforcement or the prosecution to ensure the complete protection of your rights. 

Contact us when you need the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney for your case. We proudly serve clients in Starkville, MS, and surrounding areas.