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DUI Overview

LEGAL Help for a DUI Arrest in Starkville, MS

Being charged with a DUI can have many long-lasting consequences for individuals, including losing your license, a severe fine, or even jail time. When you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, you will want to turn to Roy E. Carpenter Attorney at Law. Our firm provides help for a DUI arrest in Starkville, MS, with reliable legal defense services from a competent team.

When facing a DUI charge, your first move should be to get in touch with a defense attorney. As an experienced attorney, Roy E. Carpenter knows the legal system and can help you understand the potential consequences of a conviction. It is essential to know that, when facing a DUI, you might deal with:

  • Harsh Punishments for Those Arrested with BAC Over .08
  • Special Laws for Underage Drivers Arrested for DUI
  • Options for Community Service or Plea Bargaining
  • Overlapping Jurisdictions for the Court & State's Motor Vehicle Licensing Department to Suspend or Revoke Your License 
  • Contingent Programs that Allow You to Drive to & From Work

When You Should Hire an Attorney

It is never a bad idea to have a criminal defense attorney by your side when you are facing any type of arrest and conviction, but there are some instances where the necessity is higher than others. The cases when you could require our legal services can be grouped into three categories:


  • You Already Have Several DUIs & Receive Another
  • Your DUI Arrest Was the Result of An Accident or Injury
  • You Are a Professional Driver Whose Livelihood Is Dependent Upon Your License


  • You Have Been Arrested for a Second DUI
  • You Were Arrested With a BAC Limit Over Double the Legal Limit (Harsher Penalties May Apply)


  • You Don't Understand Your Rights or DUI Laws
  • You Need Help Understanding the Consequences of Your Case
  • You Are in a Profession that Requires Bonding or Otherwise Might be Harmed by a Criminal Conviction
DUI Representation

We Stand Apart

You are more than just a number to us when you become one of our clients. Our law firm genuinely cares about your well-being and is ready to fight hard for your rights and to help you work towards the best possible outcome for your case. Every client that works with us receives  personalized attention from our legal staff throughout the entirety of the case. Contact us today to discuss your legal needs when you’ve been arrested for a DUI.